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Welcome to StackTheory.

An Innovative Implementation Partner and Full-Stack Software Development Corporation.

60 Unique Customer Engagements.
24 Fortune 500 Companies Serviced.
20,000+ Contract Hours.
100% Satisfaction Rating.

Founded in 2019, StackTheory provides cutting-edge solutions to complex technology problems. From deployment automation to modern web application development and many things in between, StackTheory has helped numerous customers realize their digital transformation vision. For deeper insight into our customer base, please visit our Partners page.

Brilliance For Every Occasion.

We’ve performed tailored product implementations and written custom software adapters for some of the world’s most valuable companies. It’s what we do.

As a technology solutions provider, we understand that “user-friendly” cloud solutions are often anything but. Cloud transformation is a complex and challenging undertaking. If your organization is one of the many whose workflow does not conform to the generic out-of-the-box offerings, StackTheory has the knowledge and skills you need to develop a best-fit solution and provide a strong foundation upon which to base your digital transformation initiatives.

Self-Hosted Customers? Done.

StackTheory has become the partner of choice for on-prem/self-hosted deployments. We’re used to working directly on customer systems with customer engineers to ensure a seamless integration within their enterprise.

Our experience has taught us that while many organizations share common computing technologies, there is almost always some amount of customization required to produce a tailor-made end product with the proper look-and-feel, workflow support, and complete “last mile” integration.

Focus On What Matters Most.

Devote your engineering resources to the design and evolution of your product line. We specialize in customer engagements and routinely work alongside customer staff to enhance product capabilities and address service concerns.

Accelerate your delivery processes and reduce time to market by optimizing your product delivery pipelines. We have the skills and experience necessary to facilitate automated cloud deployments of virtually any containerized software products. We have also developed containerization strategies for non-containerized products and products not currently considered cloud-optimized or cloud-native.

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